Banana Kush


Strain Type: Hybrid Indica Dominate BananaKush2
Lineage: Ghost OG X Skunk Haze
Flowers: 8-9 weeks indoor
Flavors: Fruity, Candy, Fresh
Skill Level:  Advanced
Yield: Average
Indoor / Outdoor
THC: 19-24%

This plant is recommended for patients who suffer from:

Stress and Depression
Full Body General Pain  

Thin yet strong stems hold up magnificent crystal covered flowers. Indoor growers will find this plant to take off with fresh growth. She will require diligent attention to achieve the desired finish. The aroma and sight of this strain is top self all the way giving patients a highly euphoric and relaxed feeling. Outdoor growers will find this strain to almost overgrow any area unless maintained. This one is a favorite of ours.